How to Overcome Shyness with Women

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Confidence and even some sort of arrogance are attractive to women, because women are naturally attracted to masculine men.

A bit of shyness – modesty – is a good quality and is also attractive to women. But real shyness, the one that makes you stutter and feel speechless around women – this type of shyness is extremely unattractive. A girl can view you as a “nice guy“, but that’s not really a compliment.

In this post I’ll give you 3 practical tips on overcome shyness with women, so that you’ll feel free approaching and interacting with the girls you like.

Get Female Friends

The number #1 reason for feeling shy around women is simply lack of experience. If your social circle is mainly guys, and you aren’t used to talking to women on a daily basis, it’s only natural to feel shy and insecure when you talk to women.

The solution to this is to get some real female friends. I know it’s tough, but that’s an easier step than getting a girlfriend, right. If not a real friend, begin with having some female colleagues.

What I usually suggest is to become friends with a girl that you aren’t very attracted too. And really be her friend. Don’t try to build attraction, and feel free to talk about everything you want.

Remember: what you need is to gain experience talking to women.


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Just Don’t Care

Another reason for feeling shy is actually fear of losing girls. Especially if you don’t have many women in your life, then when you’ll get an interaction with some girl, you’ll be afraid to do something stupid and lose her.

But, guess what?! This fear of losing her makes you insecure, and that’s even worse. In fact, the less you care about her, the more attractive you’ll be.

When you meet a new girl – you don’t even know if you like her or not. So don’t be afraid of losing her, and it will make you more attractive.

Not caring will allow you to really “be yourself”, and that’s what makes women attracted to you. Just Stop Caring

Get Used to Approaching Women

If you’re suffering from shyness around women, my guess is that you don’t do much “cold approaching” – you don’t start conversations with random chicks during the day.

When it comes to approaching, the idea is the same. If you don’t have the habit of approaching women, you won’t feel confident doing it.

And in order to have this habit, you need to start building it, step by step:

What I suggest, is to use the “salami tactic”. First, just get used to approaching girls, without revealing any interest. Every day from now on, approach at least 5 girls and simply ask them for directions. “Where is YYYY street?”, “How do I get to this Chinese restaurant?”

At first, you only need to get used to doing it. Later on, after a few days/weeks, you’ll feel that you can do more – and then also as her some personal questions.

Using this salami method, you’ll build the habit of meeting new women, and you’ll get more dates than you ever imagined.

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